The Bene Gesserit

The Bene Gesserit was thought as an amalgam of friendly mature players willing to help each other to reach a common goal: the success of EVERY individual of the group.
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 Welcome to The Bene Gesserit public forum

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PostSubject: Welcome to The Bene Gesserit public forum   Wed Apr 04, 2012 9:01 pm

The Bene Gesserit corporation is a progressive online organization for working friendly adults. Our members are expected to be mature, reasonable, enthusiastic and helpful. Our mission is to provide an environment that facilitates active participation, team work, and goal achievement.

We operate under five core principles that help us deliver a positive gaming experience for the mature player.

 Maturity
 Working Adults
 Camaraderie
 Tolerance
 Leadership

Our in game focus is to provide a well-rounded experience in both empire and 0.0 space to new and experienced members. We pursue activities in all forms of PvE and some of PvP while being imbued with the Frank Herbert’s Dune universe. We are not role players as such; we just like having a relaxed atmosphere among a great bunch of people with a cool name!

The following is a more detailed explanation of our corporation and culture.

EvE History

The Bene Gesserit leadership began playing EVE in 2006 and founded this corporation in 2011 to get back to some simple core principles in gaming. The goal has been and always will be to build a gaming clan that would cater to working adults and that is led by working adults. Our focus on mature adult players is codified in the five principles of The Bene Gesserit.

The Five Principles

Rule 1: Maturity: We are a gaming group dedicated to mature players. We advertise to the working adults and family oriented gamers. As a rule we don't have time or the inclination to deal with anyone who; spouts nonsense, is a drama magnet, is self-serving or engages in rampant juvenile stupidity. We do specify a minimum age of 21 to enter the corporation but exceptions can be made on a case by case basis.

Rule 2: Working Adults: We encourage and want our members to take care of: their job, their home, their children, their spouses/relationships and when extra time is available have some fun online. We are very understanding and very tolerant of our members’ real lives and will make any reasonable accommodation to help people handle their priorities.

Rule 3: Camaraderie: We ask our members to support and participate in team based, organizational activities. Mandatory events are very rare but online games are meant to be played as a team. Our members agree to use teamspeak, use our forums and play with our group exclusively. Our goal is to build a long lasting community.

Rule 4: Tolerance: Our organization is accepting of anyone who accepts our principles and values and wants to make a long-term commitment. We see gaming as an escape from the hassles of the real world and do not allow real-world politics, divisions and issues to diminish our enjoyment.

Rule 5: Open Leadership: Authority comes with responsibility and we are open in our decision process. Long term decisions are discussed openly, membership is apprised of organizational finances, and opportunities to get involved are available to all.

EVE Mission

The Bene Gesserit is focused on two groups of players:

The new player looking for an organization that can assist them as they learn and develop who wants to train into a 0.0 organization.

The older player looking for a good organization with a commitment to working adults, who does not necessarily desire 0.0 play but who does enjoy both PvE and PvP aspects of the game.

The Bene Gesserit is focused on training players, in combat, by helping them learn to make money using PvE elements: mission running, belt ratting, exploration, complexes, low-sec and worm-hole space. We even help our members understand trading, R&D and how to make isk in other ways. We do this in order to facilitate asymmetrical PvP operations.


Our organization, through our Alliance, enjoys the occasional opportunity to PvP in low sec, wormholes or in 0.0 roams. We normally use inexpensive fast ships to take on targets. Live action PvP training is a given and will prepare those pilots who want to move on to 0.0 for the action, while providing some fun and excitement to our empire residents.


Requirements: 21 days in-game minimum, around 2 mil skill points, the ability to fly a ship (Frigate to Titan…) with as many and varied skills as possible.

If our organization sounds like a good fit for you, contact us in game in the channel "TheBeneGesserit"

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Welcome to The Bene Gesserit public forum
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